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No need for multiple tools & no waste of time
waiting for the information.

Connect Harvest to Kopilot 14-day trial

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Harvest & kopilot - A complete solution
for business owners

Kopilot outfits you with a set of tools to guarantee your sales will increase,
your invoices get paid on due time and to identify the most
valuable customers.

Take the pain out of getting paid. Turn your billable time into invoices
Plan for the future. Harvest’s sister app Forecast lets you schedule your team’s time into the future.
Take the pulse of your business. Harvest harnesses the power of time tracking to make getting answers easier than ever.
kopilot tracks your sales, and converts them in your preferred currency. It also predicts how high they will be at the end of the year.
Kopilot uses your raw data and its algorytms slice them, enrich them to transform them in key performance indicators, insights, and drafted analysis.
Kopilot helps with an easier and closer follow-up. It helps you with knowing your best and worst debtors, and practice credit collection as competitive advantage.

Make fastly better decisions while keeping focused on your key activities.

The manual processing consumes your precious time to transform data into actionable hints.

  • Frequent sync: Thanks to Kopilot, data are frequently & automatically refreshed. You get the latest insights endlessly. When edgy for next sync, you can always force a refresh.
  • Automated Processing: As soon as data are gathered, they're spread across all Kopilot's dimensions. Pages are automatically refreshed & draft-analysis too.
  • Currency Conversion: Great tool for those dealing with several currencies as automated conversion is now in place to handle all your sales in one unique currency (the most comfortable to you)!

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2. Let or algorithms do their magic
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