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Dear CEOs of service companies, take the pulse of your business anytime, anywhere

Fully automated with

KPI Harvest integration KPI QuickBooks integration

it also works alone.

Easy Dashboards, Reporting & KPI

kopilot eases your life and gets your time back.

Answer your most critical business questions

These questions are at the heart of your reporting system.
Questions make it easy to understand any situation.

Plus, kopilot suggests the necessary action.

Focus on what really matters

Apply the principles of Management by Exception in your daily work. kopilot highlights areas of turbulence in the organization to get your time back.

Focus on the "red lights" to provide an answer.

If there is time left, check the "yellow" lamps, which indicate topics acceptable performance.

Finally, look at the green ones. Those are the areas that you master.

Ease your job

kopilot makes reporting and KPI more accessible.

You do not have a business education. That's ok.
You are impervious to the presentation of figures in tables. That's fine.

kopilot addresses all three types of intelligence:

  • Visual intelligence through graphics.

  • Analytical intelligence with the help of tables of data to display the details.

  • And emotional intelligence, thanks to its color system and pre-made analyses.

Guidance to master a business domain

It goes beyond reporting and KPI.

kopilot provides milestones and critical achievements to help you with mastering a business domain.

Make sure to check all the boxes for brights tomorrow.

Resources at your disposal

It might happen that you don't know what to do in certain circumstances.

Benefit from articles and helpful resources to unlock issues.

Learning is a never-ending process!

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