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Harvest Integration

KPI Dashboard
For sales management
For Cash Management

A Reporting System for Harvest users to pilot their business.

seamless integration with Harvest invoices

A complete dashboard and reporting system based on your Harvest invoices

In a nutshell, benefit from a consistent KPI dashboard with:

  • Sales Forecast
  • Sales Management
  • Expense Management
  • Treasury Management
  • Profit Monitoring

Your KPI dashboard in less than 3 minutes

Linking Harvest and Invoice is a no-brainer process.
There is no set-up, no external resource required.

Believe us, getting your dashboard and KPI is, on average, less than 5 minutes away.

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More than reports and dashboard

kopilot is simple business intelligence, beyond analytics. It addresses specifically B2B companies like digital and marketing agencies, consulting firms, headhunters.

Offering so much more than dashboards, kopilot makes business intelligence accessible and affordable while providing insights into your unique business to help you win with data.

  • Get powerful insights from your Harvest invoices.
  • Connect, monitor data from Harvest alongside your expenses, in the palm of your hand.
  • Strategically visualize your data to focus on issues that matter most.
  • Test it with your data. Get value for your unique business. Syncing your Harvest data is a matter of 3 minutes.
foreign currencies conversion into home currency

From multiple currencies to your home currency

Do you have the chance to operate in several currencies? Great! But, you undoubtedly face the pain of not having the total amount computed in your Harvest invoice overview report.

With kopilot, you manage all amounts in one single currency: your home currency.

The currency conversion is automated! Get rid of the hours you spent on Excel spreadsheets and on google to retrieve the historical conversion rate.

  • Ideal for companies doing cross-border business.
  • Ideal for businesses having abroad operations centers.
  • A save-timer for accountants to get conversion before getting the credit card statement.
Automated conversion

Forecast your sales

Sales forecasts can quickly be such a headache to build and maintain.

Get the end-of-year sales forecast instantly. Or, even better, get the sales forecast over the next 12 months without moving your finger!

There is more; your forecasts are updated in real-time. Send an invoice, and it impacts the sales prediction immediately.

  • End-of-Year sales prediction.
  • Over the next 12 months sales prediction.
  • 12-month rolling forecast.
  • Ideal for agencies, consulting firms, headhunters, and development companies.
More on Sales Foreacts
sales forecast for Harvest

Know your profit or cash variance

Harvest is probably the most powerful time tracking software on the market. It does two things super powerfully: tracking your time and transforming your timesheets into invoices. But it lacks a bit on the expense-side.

There comes kopilot. You will be able to capture your past received invoices and other payables, like taxes, payroll, name it. You will even be able to plan expenses to anticipate and control your future spending rate.

Adding your corporate expenses allows you to know your profit long before your accountant enters your accounting postings.

  • Get visibility back on your spending between accounting periods.
  • Know your profitability in real-time.
  • Forecast your profit to (re-)act accordingly.

Sales Management

By retrieving your invoices, kopilot computes your sales and transform them into key sales metrics such as year-to-date sales, average revenue per client.

According to the proverb, it is cheaper to repeat business with an existing customer than to acquire a new one.

If true, are you sure that enough of your business comes from repeating accounts?

The revenue reoccurrence module tracks the repetition of operations with the same client.

It tells you the percentage of secured revenue through this repeated relationship. Plus, it indicates the additional percentage you might secure if you had one more business operation with the client.

  • Seek recurring incomes to peace your mind.
Track your sales

Cash Management

If you are looking for a tool to monitor your cash flow and plan expenses to avoid the cash shortage, kopilot is your tool. With kopilot, you'll benefit from a broad range of tools to either improve your cash-flow or ease your invoices' follow-ups.

Closer & Easier Invoice Tracker

If Harvest is powerful in its domain, it lacks providing a clear view of the cash collection process efficiency. Reduce the delay to get an invoice paid.

With kopilot, you get the keys to improve your cash collection process and get rid of spreadsheets and manual follow-up.

Cash Collection

The payment delay trend goes down since the company uses the cash collection module.
(from 83 days to get paid on average to 51 days).

Cash Collection is the recovery of cash from a business or individual with which you have issued an invoice.

  • Unpaid invoices are considered outstanding.
  • Invoices that remain unpaid for periods longer than their 'terms' indicate are considered overdue.

Cash collection aims to collect all outstanding invoices before they become overdue and to mediate payment arrangements to ensure that invoiced debts do not become doubtful or bad.

Aged Balance - Customers & Vendors

Aged Balance report turns insight into action to be proactive vs. reactive and suggests appropriate follow-up. Your goal is to get paid the soonest while you pay your vendors the latest.

  • Prioritize your effort to collect overdue invoices.
  • Install effective communication between back-office services and people in touch with customers.
  • Objective the ability to grant payment facilities for certain customers (when they always pay on time, for example).
  • Frame customer follow-up for those having hard times to pay on their bills over the past.

Expected Payments

See in a crystal clear way, the payment you expect to receive on the short- or mid-term.

  • Never miss the due date anymore.
  • React quicker to overdue.
Improve your cash-flow

Ten metrics to start with
if you want to improve your business

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