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Sales Management

How much are we going to make in terms of sales by the end of the year? What do our sales going to look like over the next 12 months?

Have you ever ask one of those questions to yourself? Don’t anymore. kopilot offers two forecasters to help you with having a view on future sales. Anticipate the (wrong) surprises has never been that easy.

  • The end-of-year prediction estimates your total sales at the end of the year.
  • The rolling forecast updates the expected sales over the next 12 months.

How much did we invoice so far?
How are we doing compared to last year?

kopilot permanently informs you about the sales you already made to date. And it compares to the previous year to provide you more context around your performance.
Did you know that the human brain needs a comparison point to make any decision?

kopilot also computes the main sales metrics to make you sure business is going well.

  • Know your basics numbers.
  • Better visibility on the business

Is my current business model safe?
How recurrent are my sales?

The proverb says that it is cheaper to repeat business with an existing customer than to acquire a new one. If true, are you sure that enough of your business comes from repeating accounts?

kopilot helps you with seeking recurring incomes to peace your mind.

The more recurrence, the easier your life since revenue becomes way more predictable. And predictability brings better business planning, and thus reduces operational and financial risks.

  • Enhance your operating model.
  • Increase your customer value.
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Cash Management

Unpaid invoices may quickly become hell.

Stop generating issues that deteriorate customer trust because of the manual process you have. Avoid your team finds themselves apologizing and clarifying to customers that their payment was, in fact, received — but the notification went out because the data they were working off was a few days old.

kopilot offers a live-eye into the health of your Account Receivables, highlighting key metrics to help you with determining an appropriate course of actions for overdue receivables

  • No more uncoordinated collections call.
  • Be proactive vs. reactive.
  • Enhance the customer experience.

When the treasury is under pressure, plan your expenses. Knowing when cash is supposed to arrive has never been that easy! It allows you to better plan some expenses or investment, by planning how much is supposed to come:

  • Today.
  • Within the next 7 days.
  • Within the next 15 days.
  • Within the next 30 days.

It also allows you to practice a closer credit collection follow up. As you have the detailed list of expected to be paid invoices, it has never been that easy to check the payment effectiveness, and send a gentle reminder when needed.

  • Check your bank account only when required.
  • React earlier to overdue.

How long does it take to get an invoice paid?
Is the delay increasing or reducing?

The more you wait for payment, the more your cash-flow suffers because you have to pre-finance your operations.

kopilot helps you with reducing the average time to get an invoice paid because you pay attention to it. “Measure what you want to improve.”

You may operate discriminated credit management based on your client habits as well. Be more strict with bad payers on payment delays (or have a fact-based argument to request payment in advance). And a bit looser with the good ones by accepting longer payment delays or using it as a point in the negotiation.

  • Ensure to reduce the time to get an invoice paid.
  • Be more strict on payment delays with bad payers.
  • Reward good payers.
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Business Rules

Fiscal Year

Most countries align the fiscal year with the calendar year. In other words, the fiscal year starts on 1 January and ends on 31 December. Other countries have decided to desynchronize calendars by default. The business year may begin on any date of the year. On top of this, companies may start their year whenever they want.

kopilot embraces that diversity of calendars. You have to power to decide whenever you want the year to start, and to modify it later.


Managing amounts of revenues in different currencies may become a real headache. It can quickly consume all of your time due to retrieving historical conversion rates.

kopilot automatically converts foreign currencies into your preferred currency. It is simple to handle all your revenues consistently, whatever the money your customer wants to pay you.

  • Amounts in currency talk to you.
  • Forecast your sales easily.
  • Boost and advance your credit collection based on amounts, whatever the currency.


For those having the chance to manage a couple or several businesses. Have you ever be confronted with the frustration of being obliged to have multiples Excel files and reports? Or the failure of using different tools that always requires you to log in and log out? Or the frustration of reading reports with different styling and formats?

kopilot hosts all your companies within the same account.

  • One to drive them all.
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Reporting Automation

How many hours per week do you spend on tweaking in Excel to produce your regular reporting?
How confident are you on your reporting and its reliability?

Automation reduces the need for human intervention in routine or low-risk decisions. It eliminates both the cost and potential for errors associated with the human-based workflow, and it allows companies to apply expert human resources when and where they add the most value to the decision-making process.

  • Save time for more added-value activities.
  • Bulletproof your business information.

How frequently do you receive your business information?

Faster decision-making not only shortens cycle time, but it also reduces handling costs and ultimately increases profitability.

Your kopilot gets quite often refreshed to provide you the latest information and to let you react the sooner.

kopilot gets revived either an event happened on your business, either periodically. In all cases, your business information is refreshed several times a day. It might you cannot wait for the next automated refresh. So push the “Sync now” button, and whoosh ! all data are refreshed.

Visibility enables the business to track, monitor, measure, and optimize processes in real-time, and to quickly identify operational bottlenecks to fine-tune processes on the fly for optimal results.

  • Always the latest business information.
  • Force the sync when required.

Tired from reports that lack of uniformity?
Frustrated by the poor layout, like they put as much data as possible onto the screen (or paper)?

You do not have to do the decryption work. Let kopilot do it for you.

We apply the best practices for the human brain to handle, understand, and digest the information according to the principles of the Management Cockpit. That method, based on neurosurgery, aims to increase the speed you read and process the information.

Each template answer a business question. The answer is provided through several key performance indicators to cover various angles and provide you as much explanation as possible.

  • Answer business questions.
  • Templates are designed for the reader.

kopilot analyses your last month’s results without you having to move your finger. Should you send some invoices for last month, no worries, your report is refreshed.

Reviewing the past year can be highly time-consuming; however, it may be rich and worth in information.

  • Sales

    How well did your sales go compared to the previous year?
  • Clients

    Did you have more clients than the previous year?
  • Receivables

    How effective was your credit collection process?

Who have said, analysis cannot be delivered immediately?

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At kopilot, we believe in sharing the information to avoid shadows within the organization. We like simple things as well. That’s why kopilot comes with unlimited users when you want to share your numbers. Invite your accountant, invite your dear colleagues or your board members.

We want kopilot to become your single source of truth when times come to discuss your corporate performances and results.

Spread the numbers!

In the same spirit of keeping things simple, kopilot comes with unlimited documents. Unlimited stored invoices, expenses, retainers, credit notes, name it.


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