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Tutorial | Sales Forecast

Anticipate the revenue you should make.

Did you know that only 13% of business leaders are effective at forecasting sales? To make you even better at this, let's explore the sales forecasters that kopilot offers.

12-month Rolling Sales Forecast

Open your eyes to the impact of what is happening now over the next 12 months.

Rolling forecaster gives a forward vision over the next 12 months, without focusing on the end of the year. As it takes the latest events into account, the forecast shows the mid-term impact immediately.

Your benefits: Look ahead and pilot your business by having your sales forward 12 months in mind. Avoid (bad) surprises and react quicker than ever.

Oh... this is important, the rolling forecast may differ from the end-of-year prediction. The end-of-year prediction is a permanently revised projection over your end-of-year landing. The rolling forecast presents forecast we made several months ago since it is always the forecast over the 12 months before.

Forecasting Scenarios

There are the four scenarios we play to compute the rolling forecast.

  1. What if we do as the last year over the next 12 months?
  2. What should we achieve if we maintain the current growth rate?
  3. Where should the natural trend lead the company? For the most edgy of you, this method is a simple moving average with a base of 12.
  4. Where should the statistics lead us? This is a statistical linear regression based on the least square method.

What about yours? It's time to work!

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