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Plan revenue

Let's plan revenue over the next 3 months.

Planning the business is one of our cornerstone principles. When we were CFO of digital agencies, we loved to plan short-term revenue. It was the first indication of our (good) health.

Launch the planner

There are different methods to plan revenue in kopilot.

  1. From anywhere in the app: click on the ➕ icon at the top of the menu. plan an invoice from the menu

  2. From the Sales Details page plan an invoice from the sales details page

Plan Revenue

revenue planning process

  1. Client name -- or add a client;
  2. Dates: issue date (when will the invoice be issued), due date (when the payment is expected);
  3. Amounts
  4. Invoice number -- ideal to add a concise note;
  5. Confirm.

Once you confirmed the transaction planning, kopilot invite you to:

duplicate the transaction

  • duplicate the transaction -- ideal for recurring invoicing while modifying the note;
  • plan a new transaction;
  • return to kopilot.

Get the results

The planning revenue are visible in the 12-month rolling forecast.

sales forecast vs planned revenue

The yellow line represents your planned revenue. You can see instantly where sales are needed over the next months. In the above example, we should focus on building sales as from July. The month before are okay.