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Learn the core principles of kopilot.

kopilot's homepage is divided in three sections:

  1. Core principles
  2. Your company's vital signs: Critical Questions & Core Metrics
  3. Guide & Resources

Core principles

Color Coding

We love to color-code kpi in the app. The color scheme remains always the same:

🔴 = 😱: your attention is required in priority. An action is required, or the performance is way too far from the expectation or from the comparison point.

🟡 = 😟: Not as expected, but acceptable.. Keep an eye on this topic before it degradates, but after having dealt with major issues.

🟢 = 👌: under control. Your attention is not required. Everything's fine.

🔵 = 😶: I don't know yet. kopilot can't assess the performance. Perhaps there is not enough data, or there is no comparison point.

Multiple intelligences

We are not all the same. Some people do prefer metrics and numbers. Others do prefer colors. Other do prefer texts.

kopilot want to address the different types of intelligence. Therefore, they are different messages for the different types of people:

  • Analytical intelligence: metrics, kpi, tables of figures.
  • Visual intelligence: charts, and trends.
  • Emotional intelligence: color coding, concise analysis.

Vital signs

If you should have only one minute to check your company, this is the only thing to check.

Critical Business Questions

critical business questions

The purposes of having questions rather than generic title allows you to immediatly perceive the what's in it for you.

There is a huge difference between "Do we expect more sales at the end of the year than last year" and "End-of-Year Sales Forecast". With the question, we can provide the context and be more specific.

The answer to those questions is provided by the color coded dot. When red, kopilot invites you to take a corrective action, and send you to the appropriate page.

The principles of questions works well for the people that does not love that much the numbers.

Core KPI and Metrics

core kpi

kopilot could not be a dashboard, nor a reporting system without displaying some kpi (key performance indicators) on the homepage.

KPI and metrics address mainly the most analytical people.

The number of kpi is limited to six. The number six was defined thanks to the analysis on the human brain.

  • Less than four items is not enough to grant the information enough quality or accuracy;
  • More than seven items generate confusion: there is too much information for the human brain to distinguish what is important and what is not.

Each kpi is color coded to provide you the general performance.

Guide & Resources

Data works not alone. kopilot comes with a set of articles, guidelines, tips and tricks to enrich your experience and provide you value beyond the numbers.

The knowledge base evolves constantly. Feel free to reach us out when we feel that a topic is missing. We will cover it with the greatest pleasure.