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Welcome 👋! This tutorial guides you through improving your management skills with getting the most out of kopilot, digital CFO.

We want you to feel empowered to run your company with kopilot, so we're skipping "Hello World" in favor of a suite of lessons based on the quick wins earned by our users.

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What you'll achieve

In this tutorial, you will run through the whole content that kopilot offers. The order imports as the lessons are sorted by the quickest wins to the most difficult ones.


Before you begin, make sure that you've already registered your account on kopilot. If you don't have an account yet, we encourage you to create your account here.

Although it isn't required, we also recommend you to have linked your account with one of our integrations.

Now the fun begins!

Need help?

Learning a new software or a new method can be overwhelming sometimes, and it's common to get stuck! If that happens, we recommend joining the kopilot community and posting for assistance from friendly fellow kopilot users.

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