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Xero Integration

How to link Xero and kopilot?

kopilot is a powerful add-on to Xero to generate sales KPI, reports and dashboard. Link your accounts in five easy steps.

O. Pre-Requisites

Linking kopilot to Xero requires you to have the admin privilege on your Xero account. More information on how to get the admin rights on your Xero account.

1. Log in To Kopilot

Connect to kopilot.

  • Name your company.
  • Select your home currency.
  • Define your fiscal Year
  • Establish the connection.

2. Connect To Xero

kopilot requests you to connect to your Xero account. Click on the "Connect" button to confirm the operation.

3. Grant Access

Xero, in turn, requires your consent to establish a connection to kopilot and send your data to it.

Connection is made.

As soon as your administrator loses his admin privileges, the integration between Xero and kopilot stops. This means that no data will enter kopilot anymore. More information here.

4. Initial Sync

Immediately, data is flying to your kopilot account. Data is also processed and analyzed. This operation takes a maximum of three minutes. Then, everything's running.

5. Enter kopilot

Click on enter the app to access your data.

Easy, isn't?