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Xero Accounting

More info on our integration with Xero

Xero is online accounting software for small businesses.

kopilot provides secure and immediate corporate information from your Xero data.

You will get several predefined reports and charts to answer the critical business questions you have and to serve your operational needs.

You can perform initial Xero data import in minutes. Your data is automatically refreshed and updated each time there is a change in your Xero account. When you can't wait for the next sync, hit the "sync" button to trigger it immediately.

Xero Authentication

During initial data import, we redirect you to the Xero application. Xero will ask you to authorize kopilot to import your Xero account data. Make sure you have the unique admin user on your Xero account.

Only Admin User may link Xero with a third-party platform. Further scheduled data imports will use the same authorized access.

Imported data

kopilot imports the following Xero data:

  • Invoice amount,
  • Tax amount,
  • Second tax amount,
  • Due amount
  • Invoice Currency
  • Invoice issued date,
  • Invoice due date
  • Client, Supplier
  • Invoice Status

kopilot import the same for the expenses, bills, credit notes, and receipts.