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Easy, real-time digital CFO for QuickBooks Online

The benefits of linking your QuickBooks Online account to kopilot

kopilot seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online to give you a powerful, easy-to-use tool that offers a detailed reporting, and KPI of your business.

kopilot automatically syncs with QuickBooks Online and keeps your sales forecast up-to-date with a live, rolling picture of your sales that never goes out of date. Which means you can spend more time planning for the future and less time worrying about your finances. Build your QuickBooks Online Reporting in minutes, and save hours every week.

Why kopilot with QuickBooks Online?

  • KPI & Reporting: kopilot is a digital CFO providing your operational reporting and KPI to help you monitoring the company performances rather than accounting.
  • Sales forecasts: kopilot uses four scenarios to forecast sales. Have a clear idea of your sales at the end of the year or over the next 12 months.
  • Invoice tracker: Get paid on time, or at least ease your credit collection. Organize your payment reminder campaigns.
  • Expected payment follow-up: Keep an eye on the coming payments.
  • Revenue planning: Plan your revenue over the coming months.
  • Expenses planning: Plan your expenses over the coming months. Cut them as from now to save money.
  • Burn rate: Know anytime the percentage of sales your burn every month. Is it going downwards or upwards?
  • Client segmentation: Segment your client based on their activity to run different -and tailor-made- marketing campaigns.
  • Revenue recurrence: Ensure that your sales model encourages recurrences to prevent too much loss of business.
  • Documentation & Articles: Access a documentation center, additional articles detailing market practices to help you when stuck.
  • Home currency: If you have projects and invoices in multiple currencies, then kopilot converts your revenue in foreign currency into your home currency, automatically.

Imported data

kopilot imports the following Harvest data:

Imported Data
Invoice amount
Tax amount
Second tax amount
Due amount
Invoice Currency
Invoice issued date
Invoice due date
Invoice Status
Credit Note
Sales Receipt
Expenses Receipt