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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you might have. Others did.

Why are some invoices assigned to "Unknown"?

Harvest does not assign a owner to automatically generated invoices.

When browsing kopilot, you might see invoices without invoice owner. Those invoices are recurring invoices.

Unfortunately, Harvest doesn't provide a owner when issuing automatically an invoice.

How to have the admin rights on Harvest?

Linking Harvest and kopilot requires the admin rights on your Harvest account. Such privilege is a must to authorize kopilot to access your data and sync it.

You must be an admin user to link your Harvest to kopilot.

  1. Go to Team.
  2. Open the drop-down menu on the right of your name and click on "Edit." A new screen appears.
  3. Select the tab "Basic Info" into the left panel and find "Permissions." The field must be set as an administrator for the time of the kopilot configuration. After that, you can return to any privilege level.

As soon as your administrator loses his admin privileges, the integration between Harvest and kopilot stops. This means that no data will enter kopilot anymore. More information here.