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Harvest Integration

A description of the integration between kopilot + Harvest

Harvest is a web-based time tracking and invoicing application used by many freelancers, small businesses, and professional teams.

kopilot provides secure and immediate sales reporting from your Harvest invoices.

You can perform initial Harvest data import in minutes. Your data is automatically refreshed and updated multiple times per day. When you can't wait for the next sync, simply hit the button to trigger the sync immediately. You will get several predefined sample reports and charts to answer the critical business questions you have and to serve your operational needs.

Why kopilot with Harvest?

  • Home currency: If you have projects and invoices in multiple currencies, then kopilot converts your revenue in foreign currency into your home currency, automatically.
  • Sales forecasts: kopilot uses four scenarios to forecast sales. Have a clear idea of your sales at the end of the year or over the next 12 months.
  • Invoice tracker: Get paid on time, or at least ease your credit collection. Organize your payment reminder campaigns.
  • Expected Payment follow-up: Keep an eye on the coming payments.
  • Revenue planning: Plan your revenue over the coming months.
  • Client segmentation: Segment your client based on their activity to run different -and tailor-made- marketing campaigns.
  • Revenue recurrence: Ensure that your sales model encourages recurrences to prevent too much loss of business.
  • Documentation & Articles: Access a documentation center, additional articles detailing market practices to help you when stuck.

Imported data

kopilot imports the following Harvest data:

Imported Data
Invoice amount
Tax amount
Second tax amount
Due amount
Invoice Currency
Invoice issued date
Invoice due date
Invoice Status