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Benefits of Diagnostics

Explain - Forecast - Get recommendations. Repeat.

1. Explain what is happening

The Client Segmentation helps to understand why your company is creating or destroying value. It immediately highlights the client(s) that are responsible for creating it.

It becomes possible to calculate the center of gravity of your portfolio instantly. Calculating the center of gravity allows us to evaluate the portfolio's level of maturity by taking the weight and number of clients into consideration.

2. Forecast

You can establish scenarios regarding the evolution of your company. What is happening if we take no action taken? Or what is happening if particular events happen?

  • Which clients are going to leave?
  • What percentage of the portfolio value will disappear?
  • Which are the clients about to join?
  • How much value are they about to generate?

3. Get recommendations for sustainable tomorrows

Since we developed scenarios, it becomes possible to set up recommendations, suggestions, or plans for each client. Plans are adaptable depending on the situations towards which your company is evolving.

  • Plan the revenues of customers with no activity.
  • Cancel created customers who have no activity.
  • Plan the revenues of active customers to ensure their continuity.
  • Propose complementary services (/products) to sleeping away, clients.
  • Propose updates, improvements, support to hibernating customers.
  • Get back in touch with clients about to leave the portfolio to try to reactivate them.