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Overdue Invoices

A description of your overdue account receivables tracker

How to use?

There are two principles to keep in mind:

  1. The cash you don't have received yet does not serve your company's growth.
  2. The longer you wait for the payment, the fewer chances to receive the money.

As always, kopilot assigns colors according to the urgence of the situation.

  • 🔴 Critical - It is critical to get the invoice paid. The chances of getting paid has drastically diminished.
  • 🟡 Urgent - The situation becomes urgent.
  • đŸŸŖ Invoices are late. Take actions to get those paid as soon as critical and urgent situations were handled.

Get clients used to pay on time is not a one-shot thing. It is primarly an internal discipline and habit to build. Make sure to stick to our recommended cash collection strategy.

KPI - Key Performance Indicators

Total Receivables

The total amount the company has already earned, but payment is not received yet.

Late Payments

The number of invoices in overdue. Those should have been already paid, but money is still flying out of the company.

Overdue Amount

The total amount our customers should have already paid.

Percentage of Amount in overdue

The portion of to be received cash still flying out of your company pocket.

Percentage of Invoices in Overdue

The portion of all unpaid invoice that should have been already paid.

Client Aged Balances

Client Aged Balance

The split of unpaid invoices over the time for each debtor. A view to manage your accounts.

Invoice Owner Aged Balance

Unpaid amounts are splitted by invoice owner. A view to give responsibilty to your credit collectors.

Maturity Aged Balance

Unpaid amount are splitted over time period, from open to can-be problematic late.

Unpaid Invoice List

Find the list of unpaid invoices. And easy way for your payment collection campaigns !