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Change of Account Administrator

What if the admin of my invoicing / accounting account does change?

What If The Admin Is No Longer Admin?

The link between your accounting software and kopilot depends on the quality of the user: only an administrator of your accounting software account may authorize kopilot to sync your data. Life happens and for diverse reasons, the admin of your accounting / invoicing account can change. Here is how to restore the connection with your software.

As soon as your administrator loses his admin privileges, the integration between your accounting / invoicing solution and kopilot stops. This means that no data will enter kopilot anymore.

You will see immediately that there is an issue with the connector.

Restore The Connector

To restore the connection, two options:

  1. Request the admin privileges on your accounting - or invoicing - software account.
  2. Request your new admin to restore the connection.

Get The Admin Rights

If you do not know how to get the admin privileges, please refer to this article about how to have the admin rights on your account.

Retrieve Data

Once admin, click on the Fix Now button to access the Connector Control Center.

It displays clearly that the connection is broken and invite you to re-link both applications.

Simply hit the Connect button to trigger the sync. kopilot retrieves all the business events since the disconnection.