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Modify the fiscal year

Define when you want the year to start.

Most countries align the fiscal year with the calendar year. In other words, the fiscal year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.

Other countries have decided to desynchronize calendars by default. As a general rule, the fiscal year starts on the first day of the month. Some exceptions exist, such as Iran (21 March), Ethiopia (7 July), and Nepal (16 July), etc.

The fiscal year can be determined either before connecting your billing software or at any time in the parameters related to your organization.

Modify the fiscal year

  1. Click the Company icon in the menu.

  2. Click Preferences in the submenu.

  3. Define the new first month of the year.

  4. Confirm the change by clicking on Update. It updates all your data.

  5. Press F5 on your keyboard to load the changes in your browser.

Why modifying the fiscal year?

  1. During the first month of the year, modifying the fiscal year allows you to have an extended range of data to monitor and compare your performances.

  2. It might happen that your fiscal year was defined for some reasons that are not useful anymore. Updating the fiscal year is way to better reflect the reality of the business then.

For instance, a photographer works hard from May with the beginning of the wedding season. There is less activity from February. There is good chance that having a year starting in May and ending in April provides greater value than the business year starting in January, as set in the accounting.