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Learn how to track multiple companies with kopilot.

For those having the chance to manage a couple or several businesses, kopilot may host all your companies within the same account.

The current document is a 8-step guide presenting how to add a company to your kopilot account.

Add a company

  1. Click on the Company icon in the menu. It displays the company settings.

  2. Click on Companies in the submenu.

  3. Click on Add a company. It start the sequence of adding a company to your account.

New company configuration sequence

  1. Name the new company.

  2. Define the home currency. By default, kopilot suggests the currency of the region you are located.

  3. Define the first month of the year. You may change the first month of the year anytime you want.

  4. Select the integration you want to use to automate the data processing. Click on Next. kopilot adds the company to your account. The windows is closed. The newly created company is displayed.

  5. Click on the newly created company. The sequence of bringing your data starts.