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kopilot is way more than a KPI library.

kopilot works accordingly to a Question & Answer principle. Each answer to business questions is provided with the help of performance indicators and business metrics. Some are key to your organization, while others are just there for supporting the reasoning.

Sales forecasts

  • Sales forecast at the end of the year
  • Forecasted sales growth to last year
  • Forecasted deviation in sales to last year
  • Sales forecast over the next 12 months
  • Rolling forecast over the next 12 months

Sales KPI

  • Year-to-date sales
  • Year-to-date variation to previous year sales
  • Year-to-date sales growth
  • Completion of last year sales
  • Monthly Sales
  • Daily Sales
  • Hourly Sales
  • Monthly sales growth
  • Year-to-date sales on new clients
  • Year-to-date sales on existing clients
  • Percentage of recurring revenue
  • Number of clients generating recurring revenue
  • Percentage of clients generating recurring revenue
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Expenses KPI

  • Year-to-date expenses
  • Year-to-date deviation to last year expenses
  • Year-to-date expenses growth
  • Completion of last year expenses
  • Monthly expenses
  • Daily expenses
  • Hourly expenses
  • Monthly expenses growth
  • Year-to-date expenses on new vendors
  • Year-to-date expenses on existing vendors


  • Year-to-date profit
  • Year-to-date deviation to last year profit
  • Year-to-date profit growth
  • Completion of last year profit
  • Monthly profit
  • Daily profit
  • Hourly profit
  • Monthly profit growth
  • Profit per month
  • Cumulated per month along the year

Treasury KPI

Cash Collection

  • Time to collect an invoice
  • Percentage of late payments
  • Total Overdue
  • Percentage of delinquent accounts
  • Day sales outstanding
  • Worst debtors ranking
  • Number of overdue invoices
  • Number of clients in overdue

Cash In

  • Next 7-day incoming payments
  • Next 14-day incoming payments
  • Next 30-day incoming payments
  • Overdue receivables
  • Overdue in days of sales
  • Overdue receivables between 1-14 days
  • Overdue receivables between 15-29 days
  • Overdue receivables between 30-44 days
  • Overdue receivables between 45-59 days
  • Overdue receivables for more than 60 days

Cash Out

  • Next 7-day outgoing payments
  • Next 14-day outgoing payments
  • Next 30-day outgoing payments
  • Overdue payables
  • Overdue payables in days of payables
  • Overdue payables between 1-14 days
  • Overdue payables between 15-29 days
  • Overdue payables between 30-44 days
  • Overdue payables between 45-59 days
  • Overdue payables for more than 60 days


  • Number of active clients
  • Number of Sleeping Away clients
  • Number of Hibernating clients
  • Number of New clients
  • Number of clients without activity
  • Last year number of active clients
  • Average revenue per client
  • Last year average revenue per client


  • Year-to-date number of transactions
  • Last year number of transactions
  • Average transaction value
  • Last year average transaction value

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