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❔ Business Questions

kopilot answers critical questions for CEO and business owners.

kopilot works accordingly to a Question & Answer principle. Browse the list of interrogation business owners are asking themselves regularly. kopilot provides real-time answers to each question here below.

Sales Questions

  • Are we invoicing more than last year?
  • How much did we invoice this year till today?
  • How fast are we making money?
  • How recurrent are our sales?
  • How good were last year's performances?
  • How are my sales distributed among clients?
  • How much sales did my new clients generate compared to existing clients?

Sales forecast questions

  • Are we increasing our invoicing over the next 12 months?
  • Are we going to do more cash than last year at the end of the year?
  • How much are we supposed to generate if we do like last year?
  • How much will we make if we maintain the pace?
  • What is our natural sales trend over the coming months?
  • How much are we supposed to generate according to statistics?

Expenses Questions

  • How much did we spend this year till today?
  • How fast are we spending money?
  • Do we control our cost-to-sales ratio?

Treasury & Cash Management

  • Do we get paid on time?
  • How long does it take to get an invoice paid?
  • Do we control our receivables?
  • How much money should we already have collected?
  • What are the payments to receive shortly?
  • Do we manage our payables optimally?
  • How much money should we already have paid?
  • What is the cash expected to vanish soon?

Profit (EBITDA)

  • Are we more profitable than last year?
  • How beneficial are we to date?
  • How fast are we making -or losing- money?
  • What is our margin?


  • Is our client portfolio active enough?
  • Is my sales model generating recurrence?
  • Who are my lost clients?
  • Who are the clients about to churn?
  • How many clients are about to leave the portfolio?

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