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💱 Home Currency

Dealing with multiple currencies is not an issue anymore.

Why converting amounts?

Does your company have the chance to operate in different countries? Lucky you! It could then happen that you invoice your clients in their local money to ease their life.

On your side, you are willing to manage and watch all your revenue in one single currency. Yours. That currency is what we call your Home Currency or your Preferred Currency.

Managing amounts of income in different currencies may become a real headache quickly. Exchange rates change daily. Retrieving historical conversion rates can consume a lot of your time. kopilot converts all your invoices into your home currency. It is so simple to handle all your revenues consistently.

Having all your revenue within a currency you are used to allows you to:

  • đŸ’Ē Boost and advance your credit collection based on amounts, whatever the currency.
  • 🔎 Compare your sales revenues in the money you're used to for a better understanding.

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