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Client Segmentation

Discover how kopilot segments clients based on level of activity of each.

Your clients require different commercial actions when they are in different buckets. Further measures are necessary according to your clients' in your portfolio.

It might be that you learn than an account, which is a source of revenue, has dried up. In such cases, we recommend you to remove the client from your portfolio. Focus on getting the existing reservoirs to flow rather than reviving a dried-up account.

😕 No Activity

No Activity clients are dead weight for your portfolio. It is better to have few clients with recorded activity than many clients without movement.

These clients were created less than 400 days ago, and there aren't recorded -or planned- transactions. It might be that income has been anticipated, but the opportunity has disappeared. In this case, we cancel them.

What to do with No Activity Accounts?

  • ➡ī¸ plan the first invoice, or
  • ➡ī¸ mark them as canceled.

🆕 New Clients

New clients are those accounts with coming transactions (based on the issue date) and no transactions over the last 400 days.

Those clients are not active yet, but they deserve to keep an eye on them as they will be the engine of your growth.

What to do with New Clients Accounts?

  • ➡ī¸ plan the coming revenues.

💖 Active Clients

Active Clients are the current drivers of your turnover. It is critical to ensure they will continue to contribute to your prosperity.

Active clients are whom you sent an invoice within the last four months.

What to do with Active Clients Accounts?

  • ➡ī¸ Plan the coming revenues, or
  • ➡ī¸ Mark the account as lost.

đŸ‘ģ Sleeping Away Clients

Sleeping Away clients are those for whom the commercial relationship gets cold.

There was no invoice sent between 4 months ago and 8 months ago. Perhaps is it the right time to offer them an additional product or service? If you do it successfully, plan the next revenue stream.

What to do with Sleeping Away Clients accounts?

  • ➡ī¸ Plan coming revenues, or
  • ➡ī¸ Mark the account as lost.

🧊 Hibernating Clients

The customer relationship is icy. The client continues on its way out. It's time to propose maintenance, an upgrade, a new project, anything you might build upon the existing - but vanishing - relationship.

There was no transaction for more than 8 months.

What to do with Hibernating Clients accounts?

  • ➡ī¸ Plan the coming revenue if any, or
  • ➡ī¸ Mark the account as lost.

đŸšĒ Leaving Clients

It's time to play your last cards. If you don't have any sales prospects shortly, it's time to mark the relationship as lost.

Leaving clients are the ones who will be leaving your client portfolio within the next 30 days.

What to do with Leaving Clients accounts?

  • ➡ī¸ Plan the coming revenue if any, or
  • ➡ī¸ Mark the account as lost.

⚰ī¸ Lost Clients

We assume the relation is definitively lost. It might be a good idea to try to reactivate some of them and then plan some revenue.

Lost clients are those clients you did not invoice over the last 400 days.

What to do with Lost Clients accounts?

➡ī¸ Try to reactivate them. Propose updates, upgrades, new services.

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