Client Success Story: Hunt-HR

About Hunt-HR

Hunt-HR is a Belgian company specialized in the provision of staff (Recruitment & Selection - Sourcing - Headhunting) and services related to human resources management (Consultancy - Evaluation - Assessment - HR Project Management - Skills assessment - Coaching). The company is active in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg.

"Before kopilot, I sometimes had periods of stress. Where am I this year in relation to my objective? Where was I last year? Is everything okay?"

Hunt-HR focuses on the so-called "shortage" professions (IT, Electronics, Finance, Sales, Management, Marketing, Engineering, General Management, etc.) while intervening for employees' daily needs and executive profiles. The company differentiates itself from recruitment agencies by its multidisciplinary approach and by its pricing method, which adapts to the smallest budgets.

To date, nearly 60 companies trust Hunt-HR. The clients have different profiles (large companies, non-profit organizations, SMEs, etc.). They are active in different sectors (Gaming, Aeronautics, Sales, Utilities).

The Challenge

We sometimes spend a lot of time with clients who are not in fact the most profitable."  - Benjamin Charlier, CEO Hunt-HR

Benjamin, the CEO of Hunt-HR, had that feeling that he could sometimes spend a lot of time with some clients and little time with others, without really knowing if this was justified from a sales point of view.

Frequently, he was asking questions such as:

  • "Where am I to my goal?
  • "Where am I to last year?"
  • "Is everything okay, or should I worry?"

When it took days to collect and process the data to answer his questions, Benjamin experienced the stress and anxiety of waiting. And he had to start all over again regularly. So much so that it could happen that he would no longer be able to keep track of management operations. And the anxiety to come back again.

Finally, it was hard to project the company in terms of billing and cash collection. In the headhunting business, billing is staggered as milestones are reached.

  • A first invoice is issued upon presentation of the candidates,
  • a second invoice upon signature of the contract,
  • A third invoice if the candidate has stayed for a defined period of time in the employer's service.

An Excel file was kept on the side to keep a log of invoices due. This process did not guarantee that clients would be invoiced on time. And when you invoice late, it is difficult to request payment of your invoices on time.

The Solution

Benjamin adopted kopilot in November 2018. Almost two years ago.

Installation with Harvest was quick and easy. It took just under five minutes to get his financial information ready.

In less than five minutes, all the information was synchronized in kopilot. All analyses were already done!

It didn't take long for Benjamin to realize the importance of some of his customer accounts. He realized that some accounts that he considered less important - because they were energy-efficient - had a significant impact on his sales and therefore deserved more attention. Conversely, Benjamin also realized that abandoning some accounts would have a greater impact than he had expected.

"Some clients that I would consider less important because they are not very energetic - actually have a significant impact on my turnover and therefore deserve more attention".

Over time, Benjamin was able to benefit from the new revenue planning feature. He can now plan future revenues for the next few months, both in consulting and "no cure, no pay" services. He is able to work on generating revenue for the months that require it. The months for which the revenue target is already planned do not require his attention.

"It is now super easy to project oneself thanks to kopilot and therefore to be serene or not if necessary."


"kopilot allows me to serenely pilot my activity without losing too much energy and therefore to maximize my time of productivity / invoicing".

At Hunt-HR, they believe they have a clear vision of the key figures and how the company is doing.

It took Benjamin a few weeks before he got into the habit of consulting kopilot, his new virtual CFO. The habit of using Excel is rather hard to get used to.

What was decisive for Benjamin was:

  • the automated sync with his billing software (Harvest);
  • the fact that kopilot sorts through the mass of data between what deserves its attention and what is useless at the moment;
  • the ability to plan his revenues for the next few months;
  • being able to access all essential information from his smartphone;
  • the color-coding and messages of the application to highlight insights.

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Thank you Benjamin for trusting us!

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