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Your essential business compass

Kopilot outfits you with a set of tools to guarantee your sales will increase,
your invoices get paid on due time and to identify the most
valuable customers.

Learn where you'll stand by end-of-year.
  • Predict Your Sales
    Know anytime how high your sales are supposed to be at the end of the (fiscal) year, to (re)act accordingly.
  • Challenge What-ifs
    Confidently, fast and quietly dare to handle what business life could throw at you.
  • Mitigate Risks
    Prepare your company at its best to avoid the stress of dealing with upcoming issues.
Track daily sales and overdue invoices.
  • To-Date Sales
    Always know how high are your sales.
  • Expected Payments
    Know when payments are expected to better plan expenses, and for a closer follow up.
  • Reduce Overdue
    Make sure your company has always the maximum feasible resources.
Have a look at what happened and reset your targets.
  • Distinguish your sales
    Focus on your best sources to repeat your successes
  • Past in Review
    Benefit from draft-analysis over sales, receivables and accounts.
  • Manage your accounts
    Organized time management allows you to spend more time on worthy clients.

Make faster, better decisions while keeping focused on your key activities.

The manual processing consumes your precious time to transform data into actionable hints.

  • Frequent sync: Thanks to Kopilot, data are frequently & automatically refreshed. You get the latest insights endlessly. When edgy for the next sync, you can always force a refresh.
  • Automated Processing: As soon as kopilot gathers data, it spreads it across all Kopilot's dimensions. Pages are automatically refreshed & draft-analysis too.
  • Currency Conversion: Great tool for those dealing with several currencies as an automated conversion is now in place to handle all your sales in one single currency (the most comfortable to you)!

Become the forceful aspiring leader, focused & influential.

Make decisions and take actions that matter.

  • Suggested Actions: Kopilot pages are built to make decisions and to take actions. No more instincts management, but educated intuitions.
  • High Value Information: Lost in reports? Not anymore. Don't be flowed by data now. Kopilot provides you with the necessary information when it's needed.
  • Performance Designed Navigation: Not enough information or too much data squeezed on a holder. Does it ring a bell? Kopilot offers navigation through pages downwards (in the waterfall model).

Count on Yourself !

Be Autonomous.

  • Connector: The dependency on your IT belongs to the past. Having actionable insights is about 5 minutes from here. Kopilot connects to your e-invoicing solution in no time.
  • Draft analysis: Do not rely on your collaborators, or external people to get the produced information when it's needed. No MBA or other business education required, Kopilot writes an analysis on its own to orientate your digging.


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