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Live key metrics notifications for busy business owners.

Kopilot notifies you with business metrics that really matter.
Get the answers to fundamental business questions.
Understand key business metrics.
Achieve your goals.

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Are we making more sales than last year ?
How many clients are we acquiring each month ?
Do our clients pay invoices on time ?
How much cash should we have already received ?
How many invoices are overdue ?
How many clients do we have ?
How sensitive is our sales to our clients ?
Are our salespeople reaching their target ?
Are we going to reach our sales objective ?
Are we collecting faster than last year?
Where are our main improvement areas ?
What does explain the sales variation ?

Your essential business compass

Real Time
Monitor, visualize and compare your business metrics in real time. Access business snaptshot at any point in time using our "time travel" event driven feature !
Focus Based
No data overdose ! Subscribe to the metrics that matters to you and access them organised with ease. Nothing less.
Get rid of traditional reactive reporting. Kopilot sends you a notification each time something that matters to you occurs.


Save time, reinforce your business knowledge by using business data differently.

Pre-Build Reports
Real time Business Analytics
Push Notifications
Management by Exception
Management by Objectives
Tailor made Advices
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Instant Business Visualization

Define your key metrics, and visualize them in real time to pilot your company.

Integrate Kopilot with your ERP in a few simple clicks and get instant access to business metrics in realtime.
Understand your business metrics, define your goals and track them.
Let Kopilot notify you whenever a threshold is crossed and leverage big data analysis to understand where your business is going ahead of time.

Stop relying on gut feeling, or long data analysis to drive your business !

Focus on the core, save time.

Subscribe to topics that really matter to you.

Do not be bothered by unnecessary, or polluting data anymore.
Select what does really matter, and nothing more.
Act on what makes the difference against competitors.

Convert your data into team goals, and go reach them !

AI Powered Advices

Kopilot learns about your business and provide tailor-made advices based on your data and market best practices.

Kopilot will assist you in understanding where your business is heading and the action that you can take today in order to achieve your goals.

With the help of big-data Kopilot will also provide you advices build on top of what thousands of other companies are doing.

Stop wondering what to do, get your AI powered dedicated business analyst in your pocket.

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