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kopilot Benjamin user

Benjamin, Hunt-HR
Belgium, Liège

Kopilot helps me to visualize my key financial indicators in a pragmatical way, and without moving the finger.

kopilot Stacey user

Stacey, Webspec Design
Des Moines, Iowa

The layout is really helpful. The data I wanted to see is there. I loved the walk through that showed up once i logged in. And the set up was super easy.

kopilot Jordan user

Jordan, Moon & Owl Marketing
Dallas, TX, USA

LOVE Kopilot and I am sharing it with every SEO Mastermind, Web Mastermind, or Marketing FB group I am on. Super helpful for us to determine cashflow, hiring timing, etc. KEEP GOING!

Master your KPI and figures

You may have heard it on Shark Tank that every successful business leaders have one unique trait: they know their numbers and make financial decisions based on real data.

Even if you have accounting software, you probably have struggled to make sense of what the heck goes onto these reports and also stopped using them. Most of them are not built to help you make decisions that will help you grow and keep your business afloat.

Your idea of managing your business is sending invoices, having a guesstimated idea of your real expenses, and a prayer that you will either get paid on time and your business will grow. This approach comes with sleepless nights, night sweats, layoffs, and eventually loss of your business.

If you have spent more hours than you can afford into tracking reports, messing with excels calculations that always disappear, chasing unpaid invoices, and wondering how much sales you will have the next quarters or how cash you will burn, and you think it is hard... You are right, and you are not alone.

Now comes kopilot. We easily integrate with your accounting software to help you with taking the guesswork out of your business decisions.

Take the guesswork out

No human,
no spreadsheet,
no guessing!

If you are in a leadership position for a startup or a big corporation, you know getting financial reports that you understand or are actionable is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Your operational management application integrated with your accounting solution.

  • Predict your sales at the end of the year, or over the next 12 months.
  • Track your invoices easily to reduce payment delays and avoid unpaid invoices.
  • Plan your future expenses to control your cash flow.
  • Record your past expenses to know your profit.

kopilot is the tool you need to control your business, even if you have an accountant. Its module for planning invoices to be received gives you visibility on your cash flow, even between accounting entries.

kopilot makes numbers make sense plain and simple:

  • Get timely reports right when you need them in 15 seconds.
    It’s like having your CFO in your pocket.
  • We make your report actionable and help guide you to the right decision. You no longer need a team of Ph.D. mathematicians to help you understand the data.
  • No more confusing interfaces.
    Trust us; it even passed the grandma test.

Each report is customized to help you answer your most critical questions, such as:

  • Where are my sales heading?
  • Am I selling more than last year?
  • Is my credit collection process efficient?
  • How recurrent are my sales?
  • How much cash is vanishing soon?
  • And many more.
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kopilot Forecast


Learn where you'll stand by end-of-year or next year.

According to Concentric, 87% of leaders don't have a clear understanding of what their sales look like 3, 6, 12 months out.

kopilot gives you a super-easy way to predict your sales and company future.

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Life is full of surprises. Record all your coming expenses, even the vendor did not issue the invoice yet. Make sure that due cash is saved.

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Mitigate risk & operate your business more effectively. Identify, plan, and mitigate both tangible and intangible business risks.

Become master of your destiny


Track daily sales and overdue invoices or expenses.

kopilot computes your sales and expenses in real-time. It saves so much time over a spreadsheet, it's a no brainer.

Know exactly when payments are expected to plan your company expenses better.

Your objective must always be to retain your cash as long as possible without harming your relationships with your suppliers. Paying too late is dangerous, and it is far from being cost-free.

kopilot displays your payables in a readable way to help you with paying at the right time. The soon-to-vanish cash is clearly stated.

You’re wondering how you’ll get your clients to pay faster. The whole company is stressed, walls feel like they’re closing on you every day, unpaid bills are growing, and it’s tough to manage everything.

After implementing kopilot, “you’ll know you got it,” everything is controlled, and we show you how to streamline your operations, and everything is manageable again.

Get rid of your spreadsheets
kopilot Monitor
kopilot Review


Let historical data inform your current decisions.

20% of your activities are responsible for 80% of your sales. What if you could find these activities and double down on them. With kopilot, it’s possible.

Sometimes you can’t wait until to end of the quarter or month to check the health of your business. You might need it now instead of later.

kopilot produces this in seconds for you giving you that peace of mind. It’s kind of magic, we know.

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